IBC outlets


Our outlets for intermediate bulk containers (IBC) meet all requirements of the food industry in respect of handling and useful life. The quality of the outlets guarantees maximum safety and reliability when emptying your IBCs. Natzan Packaging can manufacture your IBC outlets from PE in various sizes. The membranes can be made of various materials, including crown cutter. We will also be pleased to manufacture IBC outlets in accordance with customer specifications. Together with our IBC filling fitments, we have the complete product line-up for safely handling your IBC tanks.



with 2 and 3-inch female thread and screw cap, variable


Flexible in terms of use, for the requirements of the food industry

Materials used:

  • Outlet in polyethylenev
  • Membranes in PET/ALUMINIUM/PE or PET/PE
  • in blue and natural-coloured, transparent
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