It all started in 1989. Joachim Natzan responds to a call for support and, in a small team, makes up films and takes care of film welding work. With reliability, excellent workmanship and, above all, the ability to think up ways of resolving tricky challenges being part of the company’s fundamental virtues, the company gradually continues to evolve.

Just 2 years later, the small production shop in Westerbeck is bursting at the seams. The move to Lienen business park in 1991 means that Joachim Natzan and his team can now offer further activities. Manufacturing can now be scaled up by a fully automatic production line. Demand rises. Around 1992 production has to take place for a time in two facilities at the business park.

1995 is the year for decision-making: continue to stay small or expand competence?
The answer is clear. The company’s present operating site at no. 240 Iburger Strasse in Lengerich is purchased. A 30-strong team serves customers from the food and packaging industry on some 2000 m² of floor space for production and storage.

The company continues to put on strong growth until the turn of the millennium. A further production line is added to the machinery line-up in 1997. Special-purpose welding machines are now designed and constructed on behalf of customers too. The installation of a clean room in compliance with ISO 14644-1 Class 7 in 2000 is a milestone. Natzan Packaging passes all quality-management audits with flying colours. An office building has to be extended on account of growing requirements in terms of quality management, customer service and organisation. The machine outfit is extended once again in 2001. The time has come to construct a machine for liquid liners.

In the years that follow we successively complement our portfolio for customers from the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. A further challenge impends: the change of generations. No easy undertaking but one that is met with acumen, vision and the will to transform. Joachim Natzan’s sons join the business and take charge of the company’s various specialist fields. Eckhard Natzan takes responsibility for parts of production. Carsten Natzan becomes head of the design department and manages the fitter’s shop. Tim Natzan is responsible for machine construction and maintenance. Heiko Natzan takes over the position as Managing Partner and represents the company in its external dealings. Four brothers, a family-owned company – and a father who, after decades of working on building up the business, deserves a quieter life.

Today, as in the past, the core at Natzan Packaging is still the same: our work is marked by a service-orientated approach, independence, perseverance and sustainability as well as an eagerness to focus ever greater attention on our customers. We do not see ourselves as a service provider but as a partner in business. Our customers’ success is also ours. Once you get to know us, you will realise how easy it is to achieve better results.