Form-fit inliners

Form-fit inliner
Form-fit inliner

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We are able to score time and again with our form-fit inliners, whether for liquid or paste-like products, for bulk goods or extremely sensitive package contents – in respect of the exacting quality-related demands of our customers with regard to particulate cleanliness, hygiene and the absence of germs and bacteria. Whether for use in octabins or big bags (FIBC), inliners from Natzan Packaging are always the preferred choice when it comes to meeting your requirements in terms of safety, durability and shelf life.




Flexible in terms of use for sensitive liquids or solids, such as food, chemical or pharmaceutical products

Materials used:

  • Polyethylene film (standard)Made of aluminium compound film for optimum light, water-vapour and aroma barriers, enhanced puncture resistance.Made of EVOH compound films for (flavouring and oxygen barrier)